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Welcome to Embracing Grey.

I've been talking about this project for so long, it's exciting and slightly nerve-racking getting it started. Embracing Grey is about exploring the grey areas in the religious interpretations of sexuality.

This wiki is not about challenging faith, but about examining religious texts of all kinds to see if things could be interpreted differently. Given the various translations and changes in religious texts and doctrine across the centuries, isn't it entirely possible that there could be a way to read the writing differently? While this wiki will not assume to answer all questions, and while I personally do not believe queer people must be religious or stay religious, many might choose to do so, or may not have to lose the love of their families if history could be read differently.

I consider myself a life-long student of history, but I was taught long ago to think about what is left out of historical documents, not just accept all that is written. Working together, we could uncover some interesting theories/explanations/pathways that could set the course for fundamental change and a bonding between people that would heal many wounds. I'd like to give it a try, and I ask for your support and input.

I was raised Catholic, so will likely start my research there, but I'd love to look at as many religions as possible. I know that there are many people out there who have experienced feelings of isolation and frustration because of the interpretation of sexuality that their parents/loved ones held. Let's see if we can bridge the divide. I have added some starter pages here but please add more.

Let's get started!

Cheers, Geraldine

What this wiki is and what this wiki isn't

The following are some guidelines for this wiki to avoid any confusion.

  1. This is first and foremost a research wiki. At its best it will be an archive and testing platform for new interpretations of sexuality in religious texts.
  2. Everyone is welcome to contribute content, regardless of sexual identity.
  3. Everyone is welcome to propose interpretations that are based on religious texts and have the group discuss them.
  4. Anyone can start a new page for a new religion or sexual identity.
  5. Everyone is asked to respect the space that they're in; no prejudiced religious, homophobic, racist, sexist or other language or behaviour considered offensive to the group will be tolerated.
  6. This is not an advocacy page for LGBTQISS people, although we will help direct people to other pages for this work because it's important.
  7. This is not a forum for airing grievances.
  8. This is a work in progress; please help me make it great!

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